Tuesday, June 14, 2011

As I read through this blog

I've noticed about 3 things.
1) I was very angry when I wrote a lot of the things I did. Wow, I'm really not that negative :/ I just had some dark days.
I'm a happy person, by god.

2) I have a lot of relationships mentioned, and it makes me sound like a desperate teenager.
But in my defense, I was at the time.
I didn't have any real feelings, I'm almost positive, for Wanda and Dylan.
Infatuations. And very brief ones, at that.
I wouldn't have loved them. I would've broken up with them very soon after we began dating, which, thankfully, never happened.

3) I'm a damn good writer.
I'm not conceited, I'm self aware.

PS, since I'm too lazy to add it to my previous post.

Devin was cheating on me for a while.

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