Wednesday, March 9, 2011

I hate the hatred

Whoa, look at that contradiction of words.
But in all seriousness, I really do mean it.
There is so much hatred amongst human beings, for really no other reason but the fact that they're a certain way.
"I don't like meat" ----> "What the fuck is wrong with you, you're stupid as hell, I will KILL YOU...if you don't eat a turkey sandwich RIGHT NOW"
Boy/Girl: "I'm in love with Thomas/Tiffany" --------->"God hates you and you will wade forever in the fiery depths of hell for the love and sexual feelings you have chosen to have" "You're a flaming faggot, I wish you would just kill yourself and rid the world of your disgusting ways, you fucking queer"
There is no logic to this reasoning.
Granted, some people believe in the bible, and follow the teachings of God word-for-word, and that's very respectable. You believe in something that holds a future for you, and has something and some form of life to strive for.
You are also entitled to your opinion, and are entitled to agree or disagree with something.
That's fine. Not everyone can agree.
To spread around such vulgar and unnecessary hatred for someone just because of how they choose to dress, or how they choose to act, or whom they love (that especially, for that they cannot help) is...wrong. It's unneeded.
Why do it?
Even those whom are religious, if they were really lovers and followers of god, they would follow the word of Jesus and love others, regardless of their choices or sexual orientation.
Those who are extremists and protest gays, only listen to the part of the bible where it says "a man shall not lay with another man", and then drag out that saying far past it's meaning.
[( helping me out with this subject matter. He can explain it far better than I can.]
There was this young man whom responded to a reaction I had to his comment on a video of Chris Crocker. I was polite and mature to him, whereas he reacted with nothing but ridicule and hatred. And such terminology as 'bumfucking faggot'. It infuriated me, but I let it slide, and tried my best to answer him again without resorting to his level of immaturity.
I just...I don't understand homophobia. Or sexism. Or racism. Any negative -ism, for that matter

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