Tuesday, March 8, 2011


After all that, I spoke to Devin.
I texted his phone saying that he needed to call me or text me, and he texted me off his sister's phone.
I was angry, ready to end it, but he started to be sweet, and away that went.
He sucks. But he's lucky I love him.
I'm so confused. I need to see a psychiatrist.
Damn it.
He's quitting school. All together, just done. No matter what I say or how I feel about it.
He has the false mentality that everything will be just breezy and the world will fall into his hands.
It doesn't work that way. But he's too thickheaded to realize that.
I wish I could knock some sense into him.
I don't think I ever could, and I hate that his mother could care less.
I hate it so much.

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