Monday, March 21, 2011

Sorry I haven't visited you in a while

My dear blog.
I made Myspace the other day. I'll never get on.
I hate this song that's playing. It's called Pretty Girl Rock.
It's making me want to throw the computer against the wall.
This chick doesn't know how to form a legitimate rhyme that has the educational level higher than that of a 3rd grader's to save her Pretty life.
I love spending time with Paige though. I always do.
And Samantha is back down from North Carolina :) at least for the time being.
I wish she would ask her boyfriend to send Twilight Princess down, though. I really do want to continue playing.
Some bitch keeps messing with Paige and her boyfriend. It brings back memories of the stress I dealt with when I was with both Devin and Austin. (Teddi with Devin, Bambi with Austin.....the fuck is with these names? Next chick that'll mess with my next boyfriend will be named fucking Candi or Dolli) It sucks, that feeling it brings when you have someone hitting on your beloved.
Twice as much when they continue talking to them/being their friend.
I hated it. I was so stressed and paranoid.
I'm watching the Rocky Horror Picture Show.
And I'm going to an A7X concert May 5th, then a Panic! At the Disco concert on May 27th :)
Family for A7X, Katie and Marie for Panic! At the Disco.
It'll be awesome :)
I can't wait.

I'm so tired.
And I have a headache and phlegm.
And I'm horny. But I have no one D:
And I'm getting my period in a couple days

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