Saturday, March 12, 2011

People say that people who can kill other people are insane.

That's very strange, coming from people who live in a country which encourages murder.
Every day, we see commercials encouraging people to join the army. The Marines. The Navy. The Air Force.
The list goes on.
Is that so different?
They are still murdering each other. The only difference this time is that they have governmental encouragement and approval to do so.
On that aspect, why do people mourn those soldiers whom died in war?
I understand, they're family members, and you love them, or they're friends, and you love them.
But they are not gods. They don't deserve eternal respect.
They killed people. And they got killed in the process, leaving behind many many people who loved them, and missed them.
Why go off to war? Why?
For this country?
What's so great about it?
There are murders whom roam free because of a slight slip-up or possible lack of committing to a deal processed by the defendants.
Murders and rapist are free, because of so many idiocies.
The government is corrupt. If there's slight indifference or agreement, they terrorize and degrade people.
There is still racism, insanely strong homophobia, hatred, guilt, murder, corruption, death, wrongful judging, officers who care about no one, doctors who don't provide health care because their paycheck isn't enough, and people who live on the streets and freeze to death in Winter, because their massive debt (which isn't even their fault sometimes) keeps them from getting jobs or homes.
Not to mention, so many people who come here to escape a harsh living environment, are sent right back because they don't have the time, money, living environment and/or transportation to get the legalization papers that they need, which usually take 10 years alone.
This country is not worth my life.
No country is.
No person is.
So why should I have to respect someone who's lives they have willingly given up, for something that's not worth fighting for?
And to try and prevent the very thing they, in their actions, are promoting.

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