Wednesday, March 9, 2011


I'm on youtube, listening to Waking the Demon by Bullet for my Valentine. I can't decide whether or not I'm attracted to Matt Tuck, or what. I've seen regular pictures of him, and they don't look so hot :P he could just not be photogenic, because in videos and interviews, he looks fine.
Don't know, man.
I left my phone on the bus this afternoon. I caught up to the bus, and got on it, looking for it, only to find out that Christian took it to return to me tomorrow :)
He's so fucking awesome, I'm gonna miss him next year, along with so many of my other Senior friends :( [Chris, Siraj, Tyler, Will, Jesse, Christian]
I'm sad that the end of the year is so close. I've enjoyed and hated this year. But I'm going back to enjoying it, immensely :) my friends and acquaintances anyhow.
I was told numerous times today that I was awesome ^_^ it made me happy
Will said I had a 'certain spunk' to my personality :)
I'm glad people like me :P
Today was a fairly good day. I'm glad I don't have to hide being myself anymore. Since Devin's not in school, I'm always around friends, and it's a much freer environment. There's a lot of happiness in the atmosphere since I can speak and laugh with dudes with no problem. I'm not interested in any of them, anyhow.
Good day. Very good day.
I'm glad I went to school today.

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