Sunday, March 6, 2011

Zelda and the possibility of ADD

I played through so much of Ocarina of Time, today. It was entertaining, but I'm so sick of the fact that I can never keep my attention on one thing.
I get so bored, I quit, I sit around, I switch up my pattern, I go right back to what I was doing, and it repeats.
This differs from 6 years ago, where I could sit at my computer literally until my ass was sore, playing the same, simple computer game, and still be entertained for many more hours.
And now, I can't even stay on a site or on a game for longer than an hour, and even that is a stretch.
Seriously. It's insanely aggravating. I hate my lack of commitment towards projects and such. It's....exactly what I said before; aggravating.
I don't know what to do.
I was thinking of trying to write a story, everyday trying to add a new chapter, and see where that goes.
I think it'll be fun, but the problem still lies in the fact that I'll probably quit after a few days.
Which discourages me from even starting, but I think if I had support, I'd do it.
Maybe I'll try it anyway.
Maybe I'll just post old rants and such I've written in the past on a day I don't feel like writing.
I mean this is about the third day I've had this blog, and I've already posted 8 posts (this one included)
Which I think is good. This is entertaining to me. I enjoy to speak (or type for that matter), without a response sometimes.
And if I were to speak like this to someone else, I would either:

  • A) Irritate them
  • B) Cut them off continuously which would then resort to Problem A
  • C) Think that I was irritating them, which would result in me cutting myself off and not remain on the topic

Go figure.
I wish I had a cool accent. An Australian one.
Or an amazing sense of style, and a closet filled with clothes and jewelry the size of my room. I get so bored with the clothes I have, and so jealous when I see the clothing of some others.
That sounds so selfish and ungrateful...but I'm not. I love my life and things, but I do have some of the sins of greed and envy.
Speaking of, I still need to finish the epic poem of The Divine Comedy.
I don't even remember where that is...
Fuck, that's not good.
OH MY GOD, look, I did it again, I strayed from the topic.
I'm bored, I'm off to straighten my hair.
My life is interesting, fuck yeah.

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